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Cluster of Cultural Routes

Tesla Ways has been proposed as a new “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”

07.Nov.2018 by Klaster puteva kulture

The Cluster of Cultural Routes presented the cultural route Tesla Ways at the first Routes4U meeting for the Danube Region (EUSDR) took place in Bucharest, Romania. Over 70 participants from national and regional institution from the EU macro-region, as well as Cultural Routes certified by the Council of Europe and projects, contributed to identify the regional needs of… Read more

Special recognition to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia

02.Jul.2016 by Klaster puteva kulture

There are very few countries in Europe that boast such a great number of entirely preserved 100 year old hydroelectric power plants. Therefore, prior to the beginning of Tesla days manifestation 2016, Cluster of Cultural Routes awards a special recognition to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia  for the great contribution to the preservation of… Read more

Tesla Days 2016

01.Jul.2016 by Klaster puteva kulture

Tesla days manifestation constitutes a part of Tesla ways through Serbia route that comprises Nikola Tesla’s Museum, Belgrade from Nikola Tesla’s perspective – what Tesla himself saw and visited when he was staying in Belgrade in 1892, Negotin – the birthplace of Djordje Stanojevic, and ten small ancient hydroelectric power plants of the Electric Power… Read more

Tesla Ways at Sorbonne

24.Jun.2016 by Klaster puteva kulture

Tesla Ways route is to be presented on 2 July 2016 at Sorbonne (Paris, France) as a part of the scientific conference ’Cities and Rivers). Manuela Graf of the Institute for the Study of the Cultural Development who is also a general manager of the Cluster of Cultural Routes will give a speech on Nikola Tesla… Read more

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