Destination Marketing and Management Organization

Cluster of Cultural Routes Serbia

Manuela Graf, president of Managing Board

24.Mar.2019 by Klaster puteva kulture

With extensive experience in research, project managing, public relations and event management, journalist, media consulting and training, Manuela Graf is presently a PhD researcher at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany. All of her previous and current researches and projects are multidisciplinary and link cultural heritage, science, tourism, sustainable development and economy…. Read more

TESLA DANI 2016, plakat

Tesla Days 2016

01.Jul.2016 by Klaster puteva kulture

Tesla days manifestation constitutes a part of Tesla ways through Serbia route that comprises Nikola Tesla’s Museum, Belgrade from Nikola Tesla’s perspective – what Tesla himself saw and visited when he was staying in Belgrade in 1892, Negotin – the birthplace of Djordje Stanojevic, and ten small ancient hydroelectric power plants of the Electric Power… Read more

Vladimir Jovanovic

Vladimir Jovanović

22.Jun.2014 by Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk

Tourism Organisation of Niš

Tatjana Pivac

Tatjana Pivac

22.Jun.2014 by Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk

Prof. Dr Tatjana Pivac was born on 3 July 1976 in Novi Sad. She graduated from the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad in 2000, where she also had her MA degree in 2004, and doctoral degree in 2008. Pivac was appointed associate professor in the field of tourism in 2014. At the Department of… Read more

Milena Kostic

Milena Kostić

22.Jun.2014 by Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk

University library “Svetozar Markovic”

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