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Cluster of Cultural Routes About Us

Cluster of Cultural Routes is a destination marketing and management organization. The Cluster links many stakeholders, over 50 cultural institutions, tourist organizations, civil society organizations, SME’s and even five universities, in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and the USA.

The goals of the organization are:

- The production and realization of specific cultural-tourist products, the branding of certain spheres through the project “cultural routes,” and the positioning of cultural routes on the world’s tourism market;

- Sustainable development and promotion of cultural heritage. To encourage an awareness of the necessity of its preservation and its placement on the tourist market in order to promote cultural and economic development of entire regions;

- Interdepartmental and inter-sector connectivity, promoting cooperation and networking in the fields of culture, education, science, tourism, and economics;

- The encouragement of intercultural dialogue and the preservation of cultural diversity; the development of creative industries, and the development of a chain of thematically-connected products and services;

- The organization of activities aimed toward the rehabilitation of depressed regions, and public advocacy that targets habits and approaches regarding the use and preservation of cultural heritage and natural resources;

- The promotion of science, the improvement of education through informal learning;

- The improvement of environmental protection and exploitation of renewable energy sources.

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