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Rige od Fere 4, Belgrade, Serbia


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Special recognition to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia

02.Jul.2016 - Klaster puteva kulture

There are very few countries in Europe that boast such a great number of entirely preserved 100 year old hydroelectric power plants. Therefore, prior to the beginning of Tesla days manifestation 2016, Cluster of Cultural Routes awards a special recognition to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia  for the great contribution to the preservation of… Read more

TESLA DANI 2016, plakat

Tesla Days 2016

01.Jul.2016 - Klaster puteva kulture

Tesla days manifestation constitutes a part of Tesla ways through Serbia route that comprises Nikola Tesla’s Museum, Belgrade from Nikola Tesla’s perspective – what Tesla himself saw and visited when he was staying in Belgrade in 1892, Negotin – the birthplace of Djordje Stanojevic, and ten small ancient hydroelectric power plants of the Electric Power… Read more


Tesla Ways at Sorbonne

24.Jun.2016 - Klaster puteva kulture

Tesla Ways route is to be presented on 2 July 2016 at Sorbonne (Paris, France) as a part of the scientific conference ’Cities and Rivers). Manuela Graf of the Institute for the Study of the Cultural Development who is also a general manager of the Cluster of Cultural Routes will give a speech on Nikola Tesla… Read more

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